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Matthew 21:12-17

Greg Lundstedt

Who Has Absolute Authority Over You? The Lord Demonstrates His Divine Authority in His Temple: Prep for Nehemiah 13



Matthew 26:1-13

Greg Lundstedt

What Does True Devotion to Christ Look Like? Worship or Waste, Devotion or Emotion? Mary’s Example: Prep for Nehemiah 12



Matthew 7:7-12

Greg Lundstedt

How are Believers to Accomplish God Demands? Prayer that will be Answered



Matthew 13:18-23

Greg Lundstedt

Understanding Man's Differing Responses to the Word:  Prep for Nehemiah 8


Matthew 27:27-50

Greg Lundstedt

The Crucifixion of King Jesus for Us!


Matthew 2:13-23

Greg Lundstedt

Prophecy Fulfilled. The Despised Deliverer King Jesus Is Our Only Hope


Matthew 2:1-12

Greg Lundstedt

Three Responses to the Birth of King Jesus:  What is Your Response? 


Matthew 1:18-25

Greg Lundstedt

God with Us!!! The Birth of Jesus Christ 


Matthew 12:38-45

Greg Lundstedt

How Can One Escape Eternal Judgment? The True Nature and Destiny of Those Who Reject Christ  -  An Addendum to the Book of Jonah



Matthew 6:25-34

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Overcome Anxiety? Our Hearts’ Focus Reveals Our Heart Condition



Matthew 6:19-24

Greg Lundstedt

The Treasure Test: The Location of Our Treasure Reveals Our Heart Condition. Jesus Continues to Unveil Religious Hypocrisy



Matthew 5:14-16

Greg Lundstedt

How Are the Blessed to Act in The Midst of An Ungodly World?



Matthew 19:13-26

Greg Lundstedt

How Should We Evangelize Those Who Appear to Be Interested in Being Saved? Lessons on Evangelism from Jesus Himself      


Matthew 17:1-9

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Follow Jesus In the Midst of Such Great Temptation and Suffering? Listen to Jesus…The King of Glory!!!



Matthew 15:21-28

Greg Lundstedt

What Does Great Faith Look Like? An Unclean Gentile Dog with A Cleansed Heart



Matthew 12:46-50

Greg Lundstedt

Who Are You Related To? Your Response to The Word Reveals Who You Are Truly Related to, And Thus Your Eternal Destiny.



Matthew 18:11-20

Greg Lundstedt

What Are We to Do Concerning A Sinning Brother? Jesus Reveals How He Goes After His Straying Sheep -- Prep for 2Thes. 3:6-15


Matthew 22:34-38

Greg Lundstedt

Who Do You Love? Jesus Reveals the Greatest Commandment


Matthew 17:14-21

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Keep from Failing in What God Calls Us to Do? 


Matthew 14:22-33

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Endure the Difficulties We Face for Following Jesus?