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Genesis 42:1-28

Greg Lundstedt

The Awakening of The Seared Conscience. God Begins to Prick Joseph’s Brothers Consciences



Genesis 41:1-57

Greg Lundstedt

Providence from The Pit and In the Palace. God’s Wonderfully Uses Joseph’s Obedience for Good



Genesis 40:1-23

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Endure Long and Difficult Trials? Learning from The Lord’s Testing of Joseph



Genesis 39:1-23

Greg Lundstedt

The Lord Was with Him. Learning from The Lord’s Deliverance of Joseph



Genesis 38:1-30

Greg Lundstedt

Judah’s Sinful Mess! A Warning for Us Concerning Worldly Compromise



Genesis 37:12-36

Greg Lundstedt

They Meant It for Evil – Part 2. How Can We Endure When Evil Comes Our Way?



Genesis 37:2-11

Greg Lundstedt

They Meant It for Evil – Part 1. The Hatred of Joseph by His Brothers



Genesis 36:1-37:1

Greg Lundstedt

Where Does Your Heart Reside? A Contrast Between Esau’s Godless Temporal Prosperity and Jacob’s Sojourning by Faith  



Genesis 35:1-29

Greg Lundstedt

How to Be Restored with The Lord. Back to Bethel



Genesis 34:1-31

Greg Lundstedt

A Warning Against Pagan or Worldly Defilement. Being in The World but Not of It



Genesis 33:1-20

Greg Lundstedt

What Not to Do. Learning from Jacob’s Backsliding



Genesis 32:1-32

Greg Lundstedt

Why Is the Lord Not Answering My Prayer for Help? Jacob Learns His Greatest Opposition Is Not Esau But God



Genesis 31:17-55

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Keep from Fearing Those Who Seemingly Have the Power to Harm Us? Learning from The Lord Protection of Jacob



Genesis 30:25-31:16

Greg Lundstedt

The Lord Blesses Jacob With Exceeding Prosperity and Then Calls Upon Him to Return to Canaan



Genesis 29:31-30:24

Greg Lundstedt

The Lord Blesses Jacob With Children. God Fulfills His Word in Spite of a Sinful Situation



Genesis 29:1-30

Greg Lundstedt

How Are We to Respond to God’s Loving Discipline? Learning from Jacob’s Interactions with Uncle Laban  



Genesis 28:1-22

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Find His Assurance in The Midst of Loneliness, Despair, and Even His Discipline? The Lord’s Ladder



Genesis 27:1-46

Greg Lundstedt

What Happens When We Do Things Our Way? Learning from Isaac And His Family



Genesis 26:1-35

Greg Lundstedt

How Are We as Abraham’s Spiritual Children to Walk? Learning from The Lord’s Dealings with Isaac



Genesis 25:27-34

Greg Lundstedt

How Not to Fall Short of The Grace of God. A Warning from The Life of Esau