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Matthew 11:12-19

Greg Lundstedt

What Do Those Going to Hell Look Like? Jesus Unveils the Heart of The Unrepentant


Matthew 11:7-11

Greg Lundstedt

What Does True Greatness Look Like? Learning from Jesus’ Vindication of His Messenger John


Matthew 11:1-6

Greg Lundstedt

What Do We Do When Jesus Doesn’t Meet Our Expectations? Destroying Dangerous Doubts


Matthew 10:40-42

Greg Lundstedt

How Can Disciples Be Encouraged in The Midst of Opposition? Everything We Do Matters in The End!!!


Matthew 10:34-39

Greg Lundstedt

So, You Say You’re A Follower of Christ… Examining Ourselves in Light of Lord’s Basic Commands to His Disciples


Matthew 10:24-33

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Keep from Compromising in Ministry? Learning from our Lord’s Commands to His disciples



Matthew 10:17-23

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Endure Persecution? Learning from Our Lord's Commands to His Tribulation Disciples


Matthew 10:9-16

Greg Lundstedt

How Are We to Minister? – Part 2. Learning from Our Lord’s Commission and Commands to His Disciples


Matthew 10:1-8

Greg Lundstedt

How Are We to Minister? – Part 1. Learning from Our Lord’s Commission and Commands to His Disciples


Matthew 9:35-38

Greg Lundstedt

How Are We to Evangelize? Learning from Our Lord’s Compassion for the Perishing Multitudes


Matthew 9:27-34

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Be Delivered from Our Spiritual Blindness? Only Jesus Opens Blind Eyes


Matthew 9:18-26

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Escape the Grips of Death? Jesus Manifests His Authority and Power Over Death


Matthew 9:14-17

Greg Lundstedt

How Can One Know If He or She is on A Religious Path Which Would Lead to Eternal Ruin?


Matthew 9:9-13

Greg Lundstedt

Who Did Jesus Come to Save? Jesus Came to Save Sinners!


Matthew 9:1-8

Greg Lundstedt

How Can Mans’ Greatest Need Be Fulfilled? Jesus’ Authority Over Sin Revealed and Demonstrated!


Matthew 8:28-34

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Escape Satan’s Snare? Jesus’ Ultimate Power and Authority Over Satan and Demons Demonstrated!


Matthew 8:23-27

Greg Lundstedt

How Can We Survive the Trials Which Will Come for Following Jesus?


Matthew 8:18-22

Greg Lundstedt

How We Can Know We Are Truly A Disciple of Christ? Jesus Authoritatively Calls Upon Would-Be Disciples to Count the Cost


Matthew 8:14-17

Greg Lundstedt

Who Can Heal Us of Our Sin Sickness? The Suffering Servant Manifested in the Flesh


Matthew 8:5-13

Greg Lundstedt

What Does Genuine Saving Faith Look Like?  Learning from the Healing of the Centurion’s Slave Boy