Subscribe to our Vancouver Bible Fellowship Podcast


  • Subscribe to the VBF podcast in iTunes.  In iTunes, from the File menu, choose Subscribe to Podcast and enter this podcast feed URL: http://www.vancouverbible.org/VancouverBibleFellowship.xml
  • Subscribe to the VBF podcast in the Apple Podcasts App.  In the Podcasts app, go to Library, then edit, then Add a Show by URL and paste this feed URL http://www.vancouverbible.org/VancouverBibleFellowship.xml and hit Subscribe 


  • To listen online enter this podcast feed URL inyour internet browser's address bar:  https://www.google.com/podcasts?feed=aHR0cDovL3ZhbmNvdXZlcmJpYmxlLm9yZy9WYW5jb3V2ZXJCaWJsZUZlbGxvd3NoaXAueG1s 
  •   Subscribe to the VBF podcast in Google Podcasts. 
    • Open Google Podcasts .Tap Search. Enter Vancouver Bible Fellowship. Tap the podcast. Subscribe.
    • OR  Copy and paste the URL above to link to your podcast and/or share on social media. This link will open directly to your podcast in Google Podcasts, natively throughout Android devices.
  • Subscribe to the VBF podcast in Spotify . Open the Spotify app on your device and make sure that you're logged in. Tap on Search and search for a podcast name or genre. Tap on a podcast name to read more about it and listen to episodes. When you find the Vancouver Bible Fellowship podcast,  tap Follow under the podcast title.